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A few words from our Chairman, John Stylianou

Welcome to our website,

I have the great pleasure to be the Honorary Chairman of the Greek School of Apostolos Andreas. As the name suggests, the school is attached to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Andreas, and is situated less than one mile from Birmingham City Centre.

The school is run by a volunteer committee of current teachers, parents and former parents who give of their time willingly and enthusiastically for the improvement of our school, the education and well being of our children.

The school has been in existence since 1958 and was the first Greek school in the West Midlands. But why should any Greek, Greek Cypriot or Greek Orthodox parent send their child to our school? The school offers our children the opportunity to learn about their Greek and Greek Cypriot culture and heritage. In particular, they will be taught the following:

  • How to read and write in Greek
  • Greek Grammar
  • Greek and Greek Cypriot history and geography
  • Greek and Greek Cypriot culture, including songs and dances.
  • Greek Orthodox religious teaching

All of our children will have the opportunity in their later years to obtain passes in GCSE modern Greek, and for those who want to go beyond GCSE, there is also the opportunity to study for AS and A level.

One of the main benefits of attending our school, is summarised by many of our ex pupils who talk about how the school provided them with the opportunity to make many friends, who have remained friends for life.

Additionally, our school is accredited under the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education which means that our standards have been approved and validated by an external body.

Please take the opportunity to come and visit us. We always welcome new parents and pupils who want to come and look at the school. Come and look around, talk to our teachers and committee members.

It is a great opportunity for our children to learn another modern foreign language and gain life long friends.

Our School Mission Statement can be viewed here.

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