Dear Parents,

Following the announcements made yesterday by the Prime Minister in setting out The Government’s roadmap to ending lockdown restrictions, we have looked at how that will impact our school.  The restrictions and compliance to social distancing affect our school in differing ways.  We have taken those precautions into account and have made the following decision.

As from 8th March 2021 we will be inviting all children from Nursery through (and including) Year 3 to return to the classroom at school.  This will commence on Saturday 13th March 2021 and we will follow the same procedures that we introduced in September 2020. As follows:

    • We will be conducting a “rolling” drop of & collection – This will mean that you will not need to enter the school when bringing collecting the children.
    • All children will be temperature tested at the gate.
    • On collection, your children will be brought to you from their respective teaching bubble to your car.  We will be arranging for this using mobile communication on the ground.
    • All Children will be kept in their teaching bubbles.
    • We will be introducing staggered break times.
    • Teaching bubbles will be kept apart from other bubbles.
    • All teachers will be aware with the strict code.      

Years 4 and above will continue with online learning and video classrooms.  However, we are preparing for the re-introduction of all pupils to return to the physical classroom as soon as possible.  If the roadmap as introduced proves to be successful, we envisage this to be from the week commencing 5th April 2021.  This will mean that we hope to have all children in the physical school from Saturday 10th April 2021.  Whilst this is an extremely exciting prospect, we will still need to consider under what terms this will be done.  In addition, as with everything that this pandemic has brought, is subject to nearer full consideration.  We will of course, inform you of our definite plans.

Finally, can we also remind you that Western Easter falls several weeks apart from Orthodox Easter this year. This has meant that our Easter Holidays will be split over two single weeks.  We will have the first week break on the Friday 2nd April 2021 and return on Monday 12th April 2021.  After returning we will then break again for the Orthodox Holy week from Monday 26th April 2021 and return on Wednesday 5th May 2021.

We hope that you will agree that we have taken due care and attention to our plans, and ultimately, our objective is to ensure the best possible learning opportunities in the safest method for all our children.  Of course, we will keep you informed with all developments.

Thanks for your support.

Kindest Regards,

P.Serghi – Head Teacher

P. Nicolaides – Chairman

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