Mission Statement

The Greek School Committee

We are made up of student’s parents, members of the community and teachers, as well as ex-students. We are all committed to welcoming responsible members of our community to join us in playing a positive role in developing and helping our school.

We do this by:

  1. Understanding that members input is valued, irrespective of amount
  2. Being welcoming, and approachable to parents
  3. Valuing the skills and insights people bring from diverse backgrounds
  4. Bringing out the best in others by supporting them, and setting an inspiring example by always doing our best
  5. Embracing and welcoming potential members from our diverse community, for example Cypriot, Greek Cypriot, English Cypriot, English, etc
  6. Ensuring strong family and community partnerships
  7. Being guided by strong values, encouraging self-discipline and working together with others

We aim to:

  • Enrich pupil’s understanding of the Greek orthodox faith, where prayer and worship should be central to school life
  • Present all aspects of the Modern Greek language to our students, including vocabulary-building, reading, Greek culture, heritage, writing and grammar with emphasis on conversation. Greek poems, prayers, songs and dances are also used to teach the students about the religion and history
  • Cultivate respect, tolerance, co-operation, empathy and understanding
  • To enhance bi-cultural and bilingual awareness and to promote the moral and ethical values of the Greek Orthodox families
  • Create an environment that is warm and welcoming, well-ordered and disciplined, reflecting the mutual trust and respect between staff and pupils
  • Provide a full well balanced curriculum for all students, to enable them to develop to their full potential in all areas of school life- Creative, intellectual, spiritually, morally, cultural and socially
  • Recognise the effort, personal development, achievements and pupil’s contribution to the school and community life
  • Present an environment where our children can make friends for life with children of a similar cultural background

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